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Dealership Drama January 5, 2012

I love my kids. The majority of the time you can avoid the tantrums, the whining, crying, kicking and screaming that comes with them. Other times, you unknowingly set them up for chaos.

It started with an oil change…..

I needed the oil change that same day. So I called early in the morning to schedule an appointment. The earlier the better so I didn’t have to put up with the late comers and walk-ins. They had an opening for 1 Pm…mid afternoon?…ehhhh….so I took it thinking to myself  “what are the chances of the service department being packed? Can’t be that many cars there.” Well I was wrong, upon arrival there were what seemed to be a whole fleet of cars ahead of me. Oh! Did I mention that the kids came along with me? They did!

Entering the building C-tee peed his underwear. The traveling bag was left at home for the first time because I did not think it would take long for an oil change…I did have an appointment. I took him to the bathroom and put his underwear under the hand dryer. I AM MOM, I GOT THIS! Ten minutes later A.C.  peed his Pull-Up to the point that if he fell on his butt, it was going to splash. No Traveling Bag, No Diapers!.

For a whole hour I sat as the kids went in and out of the playroom. They started to get hungry and I had no snacks or water for them. Again, just because you have an appointment, never assume you’re going to be in and out quick. The dealership had a basket of apples and bananas, the boys favorite snacks. Guess who ate almost the whole basket? Yup! The kids. They didn’t stop there either. They were hungry. The only thing that saved me from them wreaking havoc in the middle of the waiting room was the 10 $1 bills I was carrying. They were spent on the snacks in the snack machine.

We had been there about 1 1/2 hours when I smelled that horrible smell…Poop! A.C. had done the deed. I took him to the bathroom to get rid of that load of his and he had no choice but to go commando. I kept looking at the time on my phone,  hoping that they would call my name so I could just go home. I had been able to keep them as calm as I could when they decided they wanted to go look at the model cars in the showroom. So I did. It kept them busy. As they were looking at the truck, my name was finally called. Just when I thought we would go home without a fuss, A.C. decides to have a meltdown because he wanted to stay in the truck. With a smile on my face and my “I AM SUPERMOM” attitude, I had to pulled him out of it. He screamed, kicked, hit and had a meltdown right in the middle of everybody. Talk about embarrassing, but I kept calm. C-tee kept saying “lets leave him here” to which A.C. would scream back “NO!” I got all sweaty out of frustration and had to carry him like a doll out to the car as he screamed. It took about 10 minutes to get him strapped and buckled in his car seat. After that I sat in the drivers side, turned up the air conditioner and tried to breathe and relax it all out. After about 2 minutes of driving they were both sound asleep. Finally!

What did I learn?

*To make the appointment days in advance to get the earliest slot.

* To make the appointment while the kids are at school.

* To never book an appointment at during nap time.

* To carry a bag of friut everywhere I go.

* To quit taking the traveling bag in and out of the minivan.

* To carry a case of water everywhere I go.


* To remember that no matter what they do….I still LOVE them! :)

Thanks for reading!

Bedtime Mistakes That Started Early January 3, 2012

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Bedtime usually is not a war here at home. Tonight…it will be!

Mistakes Made Today

Mistake #1 Letting my 3 yr old sleep in till 10:30 Am on a weekday. Yup! you saw right…till 10:30 Am. Its fine on the weekends because us old folks get to sleep in, but big mistake during the weekday.

Mistake #2 Taking a super late nap. They got in their beds at exactly 4:23 Pm for their nap! The kiddos usually take a late nap around 2ish, maybe 3 and are asleep till about after my husband comes home from work. I do my husband the favor of having a quiet house when he comes home so he can just sit back and relax without the kids hanging all over him like a jungle gym. I am such a GREAT WIFE!

Mistake #3 Not waking them up from their super late nap. When they take their late naps I wake them up so that bedtime comes easy. Not today. The house was so quiet and I was all snuggled on the couch with my blanket. I wanted to hang on to that moment and listen to….absolutely nothing!


The Final Result

After 3 hours of playing, coloring, watching Home Alone and having their bedtime snack….the kids finally went to bed at 11:17 Pm on a school night. This is only acceptable on Friday and Saturday nights…hahaha! Finally gonna go to bed and see what tomorrow night brings. They sure tired me out today!





LOVE being a MoM!


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