Where Momzies Are Taking Over

Me! December 31, 2011

Hi! This blog I am writing is really about everyday battles with my munchkins. From parenthood mistakes I have made to awesome trips we go on and everything in between. Parenthood is full of surprises and experiences worth sharing with everyone!

Here are a few things about me

– I keep God first and then family :)

– I LOVE ketchup! It goes on everything except for hot dogs and meat loaf.

– I LOVE to clean. Clorox and Mr. Cleans Magic Eraser are my best friends.

– I enjoy bright colors.

– Crafting and decorating keeps me sane.

– I love to travel everywhere and anywhere.

– I love the fall in the South. The colors are AH-mazing!!!

– I am not scared of heights.

– I love my chihuahua and my kids too!

– Flowers make a house a home!


Enjoy my blog!          <3 Momzie


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