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Ready! Set! Pee! January 2, 2012

Day 36…no….42…ehhh…who’s counting anymore? Not me! Don’t you just love potty training? I sure do not, especially after having brand new carpet installed. I thanked God its a brown color. Seems like potty training this time around is about a gagillion times harder than when I potty trained my first kid, who was potty trained in an all tile house. Thank you military housing. This time around we got stuck with carpet, awesome carpet, but carpet. Do you want to hurry up and potty train your kid? Well its not going to happen. Here is why!

1) They decide when they want to learn. You cannot, I repeat, CANNOT make a kid pee. You can sit them on the toilet but you have NO CONTROL over their bladder.


2) All kids are different. My first son hated being wet and learned to aim quick. My second son does not mind being wet.

I will tell you exactly what we are doing wrong. So learn from other parents and our mistakes!

1) Do NOT use Pull-Ups or Easy- Ups. I have nothing against them, only the fact that they are diapers for toddlers. Like I tell my kid, “Only babies were diapers, not big boys.”

2) Be Consistent. We are not at all following through with his potty training. We are good for about 2 days and then the weekend comes and we just want to sleep in. I send him to watch the Disney channel instead of taking him to the bathroom to pee.

3) Take your kid to the toilet after waking up in the morning, after naps and before bedtime. They are more likely to pee at these times for sure. Like is said, we do not.

4) Make a big deal about it. High five them after peeing, reward with stickers and words of encouragement.

5) Do not bribe and reward with candy. We did this and now every time he wants candy, all he has to do is go sit on the toilet and “try” to pee. So, NO CANDY. It got so bad that our 4 year old asks for candy when the 3 yr old sits on the toilet.

6) Offer throughout the day to use the toilet. Out of sight, out of mind…right? When we don’t offer him the toilet he just forgets about it.

7) Do not rush your kid to pee and be patient. They will eventually find it interesting enough and want to give it a try.


8) Buy some AWESOME underwear for them. It will make them feel special and feel like a big kid :)


Never scold them for their accidents and expect wet and poopy messes. So keep some Lysol or Clorox wipes around.

Remember that you also peed and pooped yourself as toddlers.

At this point, we are now rewarding with stickers, he wears Pull-Ups only to bed and underwear all day long and we offer him the toilet every 30 minutes. We still have a long way to go but in the meantime I will try to not freak out when he has accidents on the new carpet.

Have fun Potty Training!


New Year’s Resolutions 2012 January 1, 2012

Good Evening Momzies :)

So the new year is here are we are  all super stoked. For all you non-religious readers, you can go ahead and skip down to the double happy face or you can keep on reading ;)  and for the rest of you, you can continue reading.

So today at Mass, the priest said that God is in charge this year. This is true. God knows exactly what we are supposed to do in life. He has a plan for every single one of us. From before putting us in our mothers bellies, He knew exactly what our plans were going to be. That red light you caught on the way to work was in his plan, the flat tire on your way home from a hard day at work…that was in the plan too. When you steer away from Gods plan, poop happens. You speed down the street so you don’t catch that red light and….BAM! Now you’re sitting inside the ambulance with a broken face. God knows when you were gonna steer away and that is why other people’s mistakes are your lessons. Not sure how to quote the Bible but I am going to give it a try. In Jeremiah 1: 5, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nation.”  My New Years Resolution will be guided by our Lord himself. My list of resolutions is just a list in itself. Out of those 10, God plan may only allow me to complete one and save the other 9 for next year. I am not going to stop trying. If I have to wait another year to finish school, then I will because it is in His plan for me. With that said, I am not going to force my resolutions to happen, I am just going to go with the flow.

Now, I am going to go on ahead with my resolutions, but if I cannot complete them, it is okay. I wont freak out! Okay maybe just a little but, I’ll be okay after that.

:) :)

My New Year’s Resolution Tips

1) The key to completing all your new year resolutions –>DISCIPLINE! Without self-control you will get nowhere. Set limits and boundaries and stay within them.

2) Do Not Repeat Your Mistakes! Look back at 2011 and pinpoint when and why you quit and do not do it again.

3) Never say “There is always next year.” You are NOT guaranteed next year!

4) Never give up. You will also get nowhere.


5) Ask yourself who you are going to be at the end of the year and start today!

All you moms and dads out there, just take it easy. Set up realistic and fun resolutions and do not give up on them. I know kids make them harder to complete but let them be part of your resolutions. If you are into fitness, buy a jogging stroller and take them with you. If you want to bring out your artistic side, buy the kids an easel and some washable paint. Not only will you have fun but so will the kids. Keep family first and make life simple!    -Toodles :)


Let me know how I did for my first blog. I could definitely use the advice to improve. Thanks for reading :)


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